Plant DNA Extraction

Soren K. Rasmussen soren.rasmussen at
Sun Dec 1 10:02:36 EST 1996

In article <329F7510.2CCA at>, rbright at says...
>I have successfully extracted DNA from whole blood and frozen blood
>using a non-toxic (no phenol-chloroform) technique.  It seems to be
>quite pure without an additional purification step.  
>My next step is to find a simila (non-toxic) technique for Plant DNA.  I
>can adapt what I have, maybe, changing the detergent and adding an
>exzyme (papain) step.  I am hoping someone has come across a good
>Also, what type of plant would be best to use initially?  I attempted an
>onion and it was not that successful.  I would appreciate any ideas for
>a plant to use that is not as hard to break down.
>Thanks for your help.
>Rick Bright
Dear Rick
in my experience green fresh leaves are good source for total DNA 
extraction. You may try some from your garden/window but remember best 
results from expanding tissues. Or you may get some seeds, barley, wheat, 
rice or maize and let them germinate for one week. As I am working with 
cereals I will be happy to hear about your non-phenol/chloroform 

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