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Andrea KREMPLER akrempl at gwdg.de
Sun Dec 1 12:48:01 EST 1996

Dear bionetters,

I am trying to find a transcription factor in porcine skeletal muscle.  =

The only thing I know is the region of the promoter to which the factor =

binds. As the gene is also expressed in the brain I used a porcine brain =

cDNA expression library and screened with a labeled oligo according to a =

method used by Vinson et al. (Genes & Dev. 2, 801-806 (1988)). Although =

I tried different salt concentrations in the binding buffer I never got =

a positiv phage. Therefore we decided to go back to skeletal muscle but =

as far as I know a porcine cDNA expression library from skeletal muscle =

is not commercially available. I would be very glad if somebody could =

help me to find such a library or give me some hints on methods used for =


Thanks in advance

(akrempl at gwdg.de)   =

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