Protocol- hybridization with oligonucleotides

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We typically end-label oligonucleotides with 32P and hybridize in a 
tris-acetate high-salt buffer at 37-42 degrees (sometimes 55C depending 
on the particular oligo).  We wash in 1X SSC in 0.1% SDS at the same 
temperatures in the presence of sodium pyrophosphate, 1-2X Denhardts, and 
salmon sperm DNA.  I have a detailed protocol that I can email and/or 
post if you like.  Email me and I will do either.

Johanne Fleurent (johanne.fleurent at wrote:
> Hello everybody,

> Do you have a good protocol for hybridization with oligonucleotides, it
> can be with radioactive or non-radioactive labels. 

> I also need a protocol to make a dot blot with yeast.

> Thank you.

> Johanne Fleurent
> Lallemand Inc.
> Montreal

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