[Q] detecting a mutation site on a BAC clone

Hong- Gil Nam hgn at WWW.BRIC.POSTECH.AC.KR
Mon Dec 2 21:26:43 EST 1996

Dear netters:

I am trying to clone a gene for gi mutataion in Arabidopsis.  We have
identified a BAC clone that are very likely to encompass the mutation.

We wish to find where the mutation site is on the BAC clone to get a
clone for funtional complementation by transformation.  The BAC clone is
from wild type.  We have three independent alleles of mutation, two of
which are by X-ray and gamma-ray mutations.

I would greatly appreciate if someone give an information on this type
of approach to find a mutation on a BAC clone.

Hong Gil 

Hong Gil Nam
Department of Life Science
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Hyoja DOng, Pohang, 
Kyungbuk, 790-784
South Korea

e-mail:hgn at bric.postech.ac.kr

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