Why don't my plasmid freeze in freezer?

Marieke R. Koedood Zhao rkoedood at bio.bu.edu
Mon Dec 2 12:42:04 EST 1996

We have one freezer where we frequently notice that our plasmid preps
are not frozen. It's a so-called frost-free freezer, i.e. it goes thru
regular defrosting cycles. Since in other freezers our plasmidsa re ALWAYS
forzen, I presume that in this freezer they thaw during the defrosting

Just an idea...

Marieke Koedood Zhao

Takbum Ohn (ahnss at hitel.kol.co.kr) wrote:
: Hi. 

: I prepared my plasmid sample for sequencing with Wizard DNA purification
: system(Promega). 
: After washing the column with alcohol(maybe 70% et-OH), I drained plasmid
: attached on resin with hot 300 lambda water and stored in freezer.
: about 24 hours later, i knew that my plasmid sample did't freezed.

: Why?

: Are there anyone know the cause?

: thanks...

: Tak-bum Ohn.

: ahnss at hitel.kol.co.kr

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