Bailey's Irish Cream

Robin Colgrove robin at
Thu Dec 5 11:50:36 EST 1996

Paul N Hengen wrote:
> Thanks to all the people who helped me find this essential article,
> @article{Elbrecht1987,
> author = "A. Elbrecht>      and D. R. Rowley>     and B. W. O'Malley",
> title = "Irish Cream Liqueur as a> blocking agent for {DNA} Dot Blots",
> journal = "BMBiochemica"> volume = "4",
> number = "2",> pages = "12-13",> month = "mar",
> comment = "Boehringer Mannheim; Bailey's Irish Cream;
> O'Darby's Irish Cream; Bert O'Malley (berto at",> year = "1987"}
> *******************************************************************************

	As the person who inadvertently started this wonderful thread
with the offhand comment about vague recollections of the original
I want to second and third the thanks. Great are the ways of the net.
I have been trying to get other biomedical research types on the net for
almost 15 years now and this amazing response shows that we have truly
hit cultural critical mass. This newsgroup, seemingly so prosaic in
has actually been a consistent source of delight and moral support. Not
can we share the classics like the above blotting reference but also
reassurance in the dozens of posts per day detailing how others are also
their hair out trying to get their own experiments to work... ;^)
Surely cause enough to break out the Irish Cream!


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