Storm Reliability

kramerse at kramerse at
Thu Dec 5 07:54:22 EST 1996

In article <32A5CAB
>We purchased a Storm 840 from Molecular Dynamics several months ago.
>It has worked well (though I agree with some other posts about the 
>software not being ideal.)  Recently, however, we have
>experienced some problems with this machine, especially in relation
>to the motor which drives the scan head.  Has anyone else out there 
>who has used the machine (or know others who have used the machine) 
>heard of similar problems-and how frequent these problems may be?.

Our lab purchased a FluorImager SI last year.  We have had three 
service calls so far to repair problems similar to the one you
describe.  We are very concerned about the reliability of this
expensive instrument.  MD's response is always prompt and efficient
but the service calls are starting to get expensive and the downtime
is affecting our work.

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