Cocktail sticks and toothpicks supplier

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Fri Dec 6 05:25:24 EST 1996

pnh at (Paul N Hengen) wrote:
>Harry Witchel (Harry.Witchel at Bristol.Ac.Uk) wrote:
>> I am not aware of the kind of cocktail sticks/toothpicks that one can 
>> get at a Chinese supermarket, but I can say that supermarket brand 
>> cocktail sticks are generally impregnated with disinfectant for hygienic 
>> purposes.
>I don't think they do this with the plastic picks(?).
>> The best cocktail sticks for the lab are Canadian virgin wood. 
>> I can name a supplier, but he is a wholesaler who will only sell you a 
>> lifetime supply:

>Are these known not to inhibit the PCR? Pine toothpicks were
>found to kill amplification of DNA by Taq.

If they're for pcr, why not just use a small pipette tip?

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