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Fri Dec 6 08:59:55 EST 1996

David Micklem (drm21 at wrote:

} >>>>Anyone out there (preferably UK) recommend a good supplier of cocktail 
} >>>>sticks? Safeway's...Sainsbury's..Tesco's...don't want to pay mega bucks 
} >>>>for  FPLC purified ones shipped on dry ice!
} >
} >Here's a UK response:
} >
} >Woolworths sells 100 cocktail sticks for 59p, they are tested for colony 
} >picking and pcr - by me ;).  I believe that cocktail sticks (i.e. for food 
} >use) are NOT impregnated with disinfectant, although toothpicks (for exactly 
} >that!) may well be.
} >
} Another UK response....

} I've not had any problem with either colony picking or PCR using toothpicks
} from the local chemists (=pharmacists/drugstore).  They're very cheap, and
} personally I prefer them to cocktail sticks which I find too sharp. YMMV.

Another UK response - I buy them from a local leisure centre.  Work fine
for me!

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