PCR tubes quad wells/384 wells

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Fri Dec 6 09:02:36 EST 1996

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<< Evening all,
 Does anybody know of the company that sells PCR 96-well plates with dividers

  within the wells.....i.e each well is divided into 2 or 4 chambers, 
 doubling  >>
Contact  RobbinsScientific of Sunnyvale, calif. or their distributor in your
country.  My impression is that the plate is solid, but you could use a razor
blade to cut out the tubes---

Robbins: fax 408-734-0300  email?

Many makers of thermal cyclers--Biometra, MJ Research, Techne (new ad in
Nature) have 384 well blocks for high throughput.  Keeps samples more
separated than the quad well from Robbins.
Anyone have experience with 384 wells or the quad Robbins wells?

Walt Schick

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