li chun hai lich at NIC.BMI.AC.CN
Fri Dec 6 07:57:53 EST 1996

Dear Sir/Madam:
I have met a problem in my experiment, that is, the quantitation of a 
glycoprotein named MUC1. MUC1 is a high molecular glycoprotein(>200kd) 
who is composed of peptide backbone and sugar chains. Sugar chains 
contribute more than 50% of its weight. Are there ideal methods to 
quantify it? And another problem also about MUC1 -- I have purified MUC1 
from human milk using gel filtration(Sepharose CL-4B) as one of the 
techniques. After gel filtration, fractions collected were dialysed 
against distilled water 2-3 days and then ice-dried, but the total weight of 
the fractions got are much greater than the samples loaded. How to 
explain this?

Thank you.

Lixin Zhang 

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