What makes gels smile?

Jens Alfken alfken at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Dec 7 13:46:01 EST 1996

As far as I«ve always been told it«s different temperatures in the gel
causes the smiley. Whereas in the middle of the gel heat can only be
to the front and back, the lanes on the sides of the gel are cooler due
heat dissipation to the sides. Therefore running the gel cooler should
result in less of a smile. Other options are water-cooled glass plates,

ventilators and alumninium plates that are clamped onto the glass

What I am wondering though is, what the exact physical reason for the
smiley is.
I assume that heat does not have much effect on the electrical side of
problem (maybe an effect on the resistance ?). I am more inclined to
that the higher temperature increases the thermodynamic "energy" of the
(biological oligomer/polymer) and thereby allows it to more efficiently
itself free if it gets stuck in the gel matrix. 

Anyone have a better idea ?


Jens at zedat.fu-berlin.de

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