blunt ligation

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Sun Dec 8 11:10:53 EST 1996

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>Dear bionetter.
>I'm trying to ligate Hind III-digested genomic DNA into SmaI-digested 
>pBluescript SK vector.
>but, final white transformants I got were so few.
>I want many white colonies.
>Please, give me your help.

Um, er, you _did_ blunt your HindIII ends, didn't you? And phosphatase your

More to the point, why are you doing it this way?  Wouldn't sticky-ended
ligation into the (phosphatased) HindIII site of pBluescript be a bit

In any case, more details are needed:  do you get lots of blue colonies? 
What is the ratio of blue to white?  What about on the vector-only control?
Are your competent cells any good (uncut vector control)?



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