What factors effect protein migration on SDS-PAGE

David Hills David.Hills at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Dec 9 05:55:52 EST 1996

Some other factors are:
Do you have a very basic protein..pI near 10...lots of lysine. Histones 
can migrate anomalously. Affected by phosphorylation??
Also is it just the protein? Do you have upstream AUGs in the message..or 
even CUG or AUU!! I have seen expression from an AUU codon in one of the 
baculovirus trabfer vectors many moons ago....pVL1392 was it? Check these 
out and also the initiation context of your AUG, which may not be 
favouravle if there are these others around.
Hope this is a VERY small but not insignificant amount of help!


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