DNA extraction from polysaccharide-laden plant tissue

Robert Hamilton rhamilton at mc.edu
Mon Dec 9 16:26:46 EST 1996

We have also been having similar problems, and could use some help!

Steve Pechous <swp108 at psu.edu> wrote:
Hi everyone,
	     I have been trying to isolate DNA from a climbing vine
(Virginia creeper). This tissue (young leaf) contains very high levels 
polysaccharides. After CTAB/chloroform extraction, I use
5M NaCL to remove sugars. I have has some success (one prep. worked fine 
as a template 
for PCR), but results are inconsistent at best. After 2 or 3 high salt 
ppt.'s, there 
usually is little or no DNA left. Does anyone have any suggestions for 
improving yield 
and purity? 

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