Bailey's Irish Cream

Heather Etchevers etchever at
Mon Dec 9 07:42:20 EST 1996

Re: lab bench ice cream

An acquaintance of mine I met at a conference told me this too, that he 
had done it personally. Rather, he made lemon sorbet. So I was psyched
and put together the recipe (lemonade essentially, with more lemon and more
sugar). The principle is good - the faster you freeze, the smaller the
ice crystals. But the problem was the recipient. I just went ahead and
poured the liquid nitrogen on top - bad mistake - it boils and send s your
sorbet all over the sink. What was left was okay but nothing fabulous. I guess
you need to immerse a real container in your liquid N2 but technical tips
would be appreciated.

The same guy told me that he also made a helll of a souffle under vacuum
over a hot plate, and that one egg yolk is enough emulsoifier to mke
23 quarts of mayonnaise. Perhaps I am gullible, but how nice if  true!


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