How to wash glassware for using with mRNA experiment

Heather Etchevers etchever at
Mon Dec 9 07:18:47 EST 1996

We wash the glassware in a detgergent such as SDS 1 - 10% or similar to
denature the protein-based RNases. On the same principle, we then bake
all glassware in aluminum foil at 200 C for at least 2 hours to use with
gloves thereafter. After each hybridization manipulation the glass is
rebaked. Mostly we only use slide racks and jars; the calibrations on 
new plastic cultureware are precise enough for making rinse solutions and
the like, without worries of what might have impregnated the glass. We then
keep separate bottles for proteinase K, for paraformaldehyde, etc. although
the solutions themselves are made fresh each time.


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