cDNA library amplification

Chi-kuang Wen ckwen at
Tue Dec 10 14:13:10 EST 1996

M. Aitchison (m.j.aitchison at wrote:
: Hi there,

: I've got a small sample of a lambda gt11 cDNA library, and I would get more 
: of it. Has anyone a simple procedure for amplification? In particular, I 
: would be interested to know whether it is necessary to use plates, or whether 
: the phage can be grown in a liquid bacterial culture.

: Thanks for your help,


I would suggest you to use the plates.  The reasons are listed below:

(1) For the plates, you may have an idea how the library is amplified, just by
    counting (or just viewing) the ratio of big and small plaques.  Big plaques
    may represent more phages and smaller plaques represent less phages.
(2) For the plates, over-amplified phages are restricted in a small area and
    could not expand too fast; for the liquid culture, those over-amplified
    phages are not restricted and may be over-amplified faster.


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