Bailey's Irish Cream

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Tue Dec 10 09:05:33 EST 1996

etchever at (Heather Etchevers) wrote:
>Re: lab bench ice cream
>An acquaintance of mine I met at a conference told me this too, that he
>had done it personally. Rather, he made lemon sorbet. So I was psyched
>and put together the recipe (lemonade essentially, with more lemon and >more sugar). The principle is good - the faster you freeze, the smaller >the ice crystals. But the problem was the recipient. I just went ahead >and poured the liquid nitrogen on top - bad mistake - it boils and send >s your sorbet all over the sink. What was left was okay but nothing >fabulous. I guess you need to immerse a real container in your liquid N2 >but technical tips would be appreciated.

Well, if you want to freeze something real quick, you have to use
supercooled nitrogen. Put some liquid nitrogen under vacuum, so that part
of it boils of. This will cool the remainder so much, that no nitrogen
bubbles will form between the liquid and anything you put into it. This
technique is used for example in cryo electron microscopy.

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