the three and prime ends of proteins

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Tue Dec 10 21:31:09 EST 1996

Can someone on this list help me to help my little sister with  a biology 
question. She is being asked to draw a diagram of a protein. The first two 
reactions are catalyzed by a group of enzymes called aminoacyl t-RNA 
synthesis. Use structural formulae diagroam these two reactions. For the 
tRNA molecule, you need only diagram the 3 OH as is done in the text. Her 
question is how does she tell the 5' end from the 3' end of the mRNA for 
this protein (which she doesn't know the identity of) what are the codons 
for the protein? How then, does all this relate to Alzheimers. Where can 
we get more information...I have downloaded more web pages today for this 
than I have on any other search in a month! 

Again, any information on how to tell the carboxy from the amino terminus 
of this group of proteins would be MUCH appreciated!! Please email Amy 
(the sister) at ahrober at and/or myself at mlf at 
My husband is a physics professor at the Univ. of Arkansas. He is 
generally able to help with these questions...but was no good here.

Melissa Filipkowski

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