Weak Genebank Searches?

Jim graham at biodec.wustl.edu
Tue Dec 10 08:26:50 EST 1996

Perhaps I have not learned the proper syntax, but my attempts to 
retrieve Genebank sequences based on keywords (eg. mouse rrn) have 
always resulted in what seems to be a biased random sample of entries 
containing these terms. I feel very lucky if I am able to find what I 
want among the "O items matched, O items retrieved", which usually 
consists of a collection of related or irrelevant items.

Has anyone devolped a Web interface that will allow more advanced 
searches? Say "mouse and rrn only"?

How come some entries will never be found unless searched by an already 
known acession number (or is that my imagination)?

Anyone else ready for a nice 90's upgrade to mailed search queries? 

Please E-mail me copies of responses. Thanks,

J. Graham PhD

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