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>> Usual situation: gone to cupboard to get sterile bottle and the last one 
>> has been used (what else should you expect!). Can a microwave be used to 
>> sterilise plastics/glassware as a last resort? I have just discovered 
>> that 5 mins Full power (600W) seems to bend large polystyrene dishes, 
>> although a couple of 1L bottles on top straighten them out!
>> Anybody out there use this method of sterilization??
>> Dave
There are commercial microwave sterilizer on the market (seen some time ago
dunno where...).
With the kitchen microwaves it is NOT possible!

Done the following experiment (at microbiology institute vet. school
hannover, germany):
Plstic tube filled with a suspension of 10E5 colony forming units of
Staph. aureus, dried the tube and microwaved for 10 minutes at 600 watts.

flushed the tube after cooling with sterile TYE broth, and plated serial
dilutions on blood agar for colony count.

Result: almost NO reduction in colony count!

Last week we had an insect (Ear creeper roughly translated from german) at
home in the microwave (one with a rotating dish). This insect was running
along the outer wall of the ofen. All times in the direction of the rotating
dish! 3x 5 minutes doesn't hurt it. It escaped next day ;-))

So I think, at least, it is NOT save!
Just my opinion,
cheers, Sebastian

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