quick hybidizations

Gary Kucera kucera~gt at glaxowellcome.com
Wed Dec 11 05:54:29 EST 1996

Heather Hanson wrote:
> I want to know if anyone has a formula similar to Clontech's expresshyb
> for nucleic acid hybridizations? Is it easy to make in house? thanx!
> Please include a short protocol. Please email response to me in addition
> to posting.

I have used the following QuickHyb solution (BRL's recipe) 
for a long time with great success on colony blots and 
southerns.  I typically do a 1 hr. prehyb followed by 2 hr. 
hyb.  for colony blots.  Works great!

I hyb southerns a little longer, >4 hrs.

QuickHyb Recipe: I usually make up about 100mls then aliquot 
into 10-12 ml tubes and freeze.

6x SSC 

5x Denhardt's Solution 

0.5% SDS 

100ug/ml SS DNA 

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