ultracentrifuge problems

Kevin Nawotka nawotka at leland.stanford.edu
Thu Dec 12 01:41:40 EST 1996

In article <58np7i$ngl$2 at nargun.cc.uq.oz.au>, L.Force at botany.uq.edu.au
(Lesleigh Force) wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm having problems with ultracentrifuge tubes collapsing/breaking at 
> the top during a run.  I'm using a Sorvall ultracentrifuge OTD75B with 
> T-875 fixed angle rotor and 11.5ml ultracrimp tubes (cat. no. 03987).  
  The tubes were spun at 4 c at 49000rpm 
> for 20 hours.  No air layer was visible when I placed the tubes in the 
> rotor.
> Any ideas on how to prevent the tubes collapsing?
> Thanks.
> Lesleigh Force
> PhD student
> L.Force at botany.uq.edu.au

   A Beckman repairman told me that the reason the tubes usually collapse
is the presence of CsCl or other substance on the outside of the tubes or
in the holes. At the high g forces, the CsCl, etc. push on the side of the
tube, collapsing it. I made sure I washed off the outside and dried them
throughly and made the hole as clean as possible. Since then I haven't had
a tube collapse.

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