Mutagenesis Kits

Vladimir Svetlov vvsvetlov at
Tue Dec 10 21:22:39 EST 1996

In article <32AD5CF3.652D at>, jrwiliams at wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good mutagenesis kit?
> Promega and Stratagene both offer kits.  Has anyone used these? Are they
> any good?  Thank's in advance for any info.
> Jeff Williams
> jrwilliams at

Never used Stratagene kit. Promega's kit was OK but rather tedious with
all those phage preps. Last couple of times I've used their protocol
modified for use with ds template and got 7 out 8 and 2 out 8 clones
sequenced with desired mutations (in the last case I believe that the
mutagenic oligo was funked up during synthesis). DpnI based kit was used
by some other people in the lab and worked like crap. 
Moral: Promega is quite reliable and in ds protocol is a breeze.


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