electroporation and ion-channel currents

Daniel Cross daniel.cross at cbt.ki.se
Wed Dec 11 02:21:55 EST 1996

In article <3290EDD7.3588 at physik.uni-ulm.de>, Bernhard Schu
<bernhard.schu at physik.uni-ulm.de> wrote:

> Hi netters
> has anybody outhere any experience with on ion-channel activity after
> electropoation. I want to transfect eucaryotic cells (TSA) with 
> pRC/CMV-vector containing an ion-channel. I have heard that there 
> could be an interference between the electroporation and the later 
> expressed channels, concerning the ion-currents.
> Has anybody else heard of this ? Any details ??
> Thanks in advance
> Bernd (-;

I have transfect eukaryotics cell by electroporation, to obtain stable
strains. I have seen that cells recovers after electric shock and after a
tiem they behave in a very normal way. I think that any interference with
membrane channels will be reflevted in the further development of the cell
line. Apparently electroporation is a "clean" technique, however it would
be interesting ti see how membran potential is  modified after
electroporation, I mean measured after the cells had recovered from the
electric stress. This could be the only way to know if there is any
interference of electroporation with the cell membrane.

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