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>> I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good mutagenesis kit?
>> Promega and Stratagene both offer kits.  Has anyone used these? Are they
>> any good?  Thank's in advance for any info.
>> Jeff Williams
>> jrwilliams at

>Never used Stratagene kit. Promega's kit was OK but rather tedious with
>all those phage preps. Last couple of times I've used their protocol
>modified for use with ds template and got 7 out 8 and 2 out 8 clones
>sequenced with desired mutations (in the last case I believe that the
>mutagenic oligo was funked up during synthesis). DpnI based kit was used
>by some other people in the lab and worked like crap. 
>Moral: Promega is quite reliable and in ds protocol is a breeze.


I've had good success with Promega's "Altered Sites" kit, which has the
option of double-stranded template denaturation as well as isolation
of single-stranded DNA. Using the ds protocol (no phage work necessary),
I was able to use 3 mutagenic oligos as well as their 2 drug-resistance
mutagenic oligos, and get all 5 site-directed mutations to work
simultaneously. (I think it was only about 1 in 8, but the other 7 in
8 usually usually had 2 of my 3 oligos work.)



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