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Thu Dec 12 13:09:07 EST 1996

David Micklem wrote:
> In article <z62zbJArI$qyEwUq at>, "Dr. Duncan Clark"
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> >I cheated and asked my Canadian distributor to locate ones I used years
> >ago. Flat style Kaybee toothpicks (650 per box), manufactured by Keenan
> >Industries Limited, Owen Sound, Canada, N4K 5P3. We've used them for
> >colony PCR for a over a year without problems. I can always arrange to
> >get a few hundred boxes over if people are interested. They were very
> >cheap and can be found in some Chinese supermarkets.
> >
> Yes! Kaybee - I just couldn't remember the name. Those are the ones we get
> from the local chemists.....
> David

We also use the Kaybee ones and they are certainly fine for colony
picking. I haven't tried them for colony PCR but they should probably be
OK. Someone suggested using a small pipette tip, but this is bound to
transfer more than 1 ul of liquid culture and I have seen that adding
too many bacteria inhibits the PCR. May be ok for colony picking, again
as long as you don't pick up too much stuff.

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