I'm sorry

Chang,jihun j6544 at unitel.co.kr
Fri Dec 13 01:42:56 EST 1996

Chang,jihun wrote:

Dear bionetter.

Thank you for your reply.
Your kind advices moved me.
Thank you very much for your reply.

But I made big mistake.
Oh! my GOD!!! 
I misspelled.
I'm trying to ligate not 'Hind III'-digested genomic DNA ,but  'HaeIII'.
I'm very sorry for my mistake.
Please, show me your kindness once more.

Good-bye .


Condition of my competent cell(DH5a) is not so bad. 
In 82mm plate, 200-300 blue colonies & 15-20 white colonies.
I did not treat CIP into vector.
I digested genomic DNA with HaeIII overnight, and second boosting 4-5hrs 
next day.

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