Weak Genebank Searches?

Peter S. Cooper cooper3 at niehs.nih.gov
Thu Dec 12 08:40:34 EST 1996

Jim wrote:
> Perhaps I have not learned the proper syntax, but my attempts to
> retrieve Genebank sequences based on keywords (eg. mouse rrn) have
> always resulted in what seems to be a biased random sample of entries
> containing these terms. I feel very lucky if I am able to find what I
> want among the "O items matched, O items retrieved", which usually
> consists of a collection of related or irrelevant items.
> Has anyone devolped a Web interface that will allow more advanced
> searches? Say "mouse and rrn only"?
> How come some entries will never be found unless searched by an already
> known acession number (or is that my imagination)?
> Anyone else ready for a nice 90's upgrade to mailed search queries?
> Please E-mail me copies of responses. Thanks,
> Jim
> J. Graham PhD

Do you have Netscape or an equivalent Web Browser? Check out the WWW
server at NCBI.


I find using text based searching works better than the ENTREZ method.
The WWW form for text searching allows you to limit you searches using
logical AND, NOT etc. I have had problems getting these limits to work
in e-mailed searches.
Hope this helps.

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