PCR with Pwo DNA polymerase from Boehringer

Toumy Guettouche tguettou at newssun
Thu Dec 12 14:47:38 EST 1996

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Don J. Katcoff wrote:

> We have been trying to use Pwo DNA polymerase from Boehringer for PCR, 
> but have been having difficulties.  Using the same template and primers 
> but other taq polymerases we have no problem.  We are interested in 
> particularly high fidelity.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Don Katcoff
> katcoff at brosh.cc.biu.ac.il
Hi Don,

we use regularly Taq and Pwo in our lab. We rarely had problems with 
both of them using standard PCR procedures, however the yield with Pwo is 
lower. It helps if you increasingly lengthen the extension step for the last 
10-20 cycles.
For really tough templates, we use Expand HiFi and it has never failed us 
so far, however the fidelity is lower.

This is all I can tell you with the information you provided.

Good Luck


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