How long will labelled oligos last?

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> Subject: How long will labelled oligos last?
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> Orright ar kids....
> If I end label some oligo probes with fluorescein-dUTP and
> terminal transferase, how long will they last in the freezer?
> Any thoughts?
> B.
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I had the same question several months ago, since I noticed a decline in the 
PCR product generated for my ABI 310. I called ABI, and they said that labeled 
oligos were only good for about a year, and that they aliquoted them into 
several different tubes, since they noticed a problem with the number of times 
you allowed an oligo to freeze-thaw.
	As for F[dUTP]s, they stated they were only good for 8-9 months!!!
	I was a little upset about this, and later spoke with a friend at 
Duke, who thought that was nonsense. They use ABI dye-labeled oligosin PCR 
reactions for genotyping  on a Molecular Dynamics Fluorimager, and have never 
noticed a problem. So, since I had a Fluorimager, I tried it, and voila! There 
it was!
	So now I'm just confused why a product specifically made for ABI workd 
better on another company's machine.

	Lynne Mullen
	UCLA Macular Center

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