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John Ladasky ladasky at leland.Stanford.EDU
Fri Dec 13 00:29:41 EST 1996

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>this is Rudi from Mainz/Germany. I have a problem with cloning a cDNA
>clone into a pGST Vektor. Because of different pGST- and "cDNA clone
>Vektor"- polylinker it is only possible to ligate the clone with EcoRI; a
>site directed ligation is not possible. My problem is now that all of my
>inserts are in the false direction. So is there anyone with the same
>ligation problem or does anybody knows a solution to this problem? 

Greetings, Rudi,

	How many clones did you check?  If it's only a few, you may have
a statistical problem.  Maybe you should try growing more clones?

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