BstE II, a "good" enzyme ??

Roney Graf roney.graf at
Fri Dec 13 05:24:08 EST 1996

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(Martin Offterdinger) wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I would like to know if anyone has experience with BstEII !?
> Is BstEII a safe and reliable enzyme? Does it cut reliably even if the
> DNA sample is not very pure and homogenous? I would like to use it
> instead of Nde I which did not work in my hands. (I wanted to cut PCR
> products with it !) Is there anyone who used this particular enzyme
> for cutting PCR products??

Hi Martin, 

  I've used BstEII quite a lot in the past two years on miniprep DNA, and
never had a problem. NEB buffer 3 (IIRC, the orange one) was fine. Don't
forget to do the digest at 60C, since it's from a thermophilic bug...


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