Your GOD Loves You - YES YOU!

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Fri Dec 13 03:51:35 EST 1996

Despite I dont't think that god is an molecular biologist, if you're so
convinced of god, why don't you write in your real name and address?

Uni Tuebibgen, Med. clinic
---------!all possible disclaimers apply!-----------
Wolfgang Schechinger
University of Tuebingen         
Med Clinic IV,
Dpt. of Pathobiochemistry                   
Lab B2/537                      
Otfried-Mueller-Str. 10
72076 Tuebingen, Germany

Phone +49 (7071) 29-80603
      +49 (7071) 76 04 98		
Fax   +49 (7071) 29-3188
email: wgschech at

public PGP key is avilable on request	

When calling by phone (not:Fax)from abroad, 
you may be connected to a operator who will 
connect you then to my office.
This is due to a possible problem caused by too 
long telephone numbers.

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