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Sat Dec 14 11:07:39 EST 1996

Daer Adrian....

	I suggest you to contact Mathias Mann (EMBL, Heidelberg -Germany), Who
by MALDI (matrix assisted laser dissorption-Mass Spect) or
nanoELectrospray Mass able to sequence even picograms (or
even lower ! If I remember well) of your differentially expressed
proteins...the idea is exactly the same of yours...despite I think his
group used 2D PAGE !

	Hope this could be helpfull
here is the home page of his group :

Mathias Mann e-mail: Mann at 

Suggested reference: Mørtz, E., O. Vorm, M. Mann, P. Roepstorff (1994).
"Identification of Proteins in Polyacrylamide Gels by Mass Spectrometric
Peptide Mapping Combined with Database Search." Bio. Mass Spec., 23,

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