Plant Prep for DNA Extraction

Rick Bright rbright at
Sat Dec 14 07:37:27 EST 1996

I have grown some pea sprouts and some parsley for a DNA extraction
protocol.  According the the Cold Harbour books, I now need to dry the
plants before I can grind them either with liquid nitrogen or by laying
them out for a week or so.  

I do not have access to liquid nitrogen and would like to know if there
is a faster way of drying other than just out in open air for a week.  I
have put some in a dry oven at 40 C to see if it speeds things up.  Am I
hurting the plant or DNA by doing so?  Isn't DNA stable up to about
60-65 C?  

Please respond if you know of a faster drying method, or to let me know
if the drying oven will be safe for the plants and the DNA, or will
cause any complications.

Thank you.

Rick Bright
rbright at

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