suicide plasmid

Edgar Valencia edgar at CIFN.UNAM.MX
Tue Dec 17 12:38:17 EST 1996

Hi :
> > Dear netters,
> > I am going to construct a Salmonella mutant which may need to use  suicide
> > plasmid, do you have any information about this matter? Thanks in advance
> > for your help!
> Suicide plasmid for a specific host is a plasmid that cannot replicate in
> this host (that have no origin of replication  for this host). The only
> way such a plasmid can maintain in the host is by specific or non-specific
> recombination with the host's genome.

Maybe a good alternative could be use a thermo-sensitive plasmid I dont 
know whether you have mutants in polA. Another alternative could be use a 
derivative of pRK2 in which you supply the trfA protein under the control 
of a inducible promoter. Those plasmids wont replicate without trfA
so, you can have your plasmid in E.coli and then move it to Salmonella in 
which trfA doesnt exist 

Hope this helps

Edgar Valencia-Morales

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