PCR primer design (Rules Of Thumb)

Paul N Hengen pnh at ncifcrf.gov
Tue Dec 17 11:07:14 EST 1996

I'm thinking of doing a review about the different methods people use for
designing PCR primers, and compare this to the selection of primers done by
computer programs to see if in real life these actually work. Some people I
know use one set of rules of thumb, while others prefer a completely different
set, or even the computer programs.

What is the BEST set of rules?

Does this work every time?

What is the failure rate for those people who
design by hand versus those who use the programs?

The real life story may be different as far as performance of primer sets.
At one time someone here in methods-land was putting together a Web page for
collecting primer sets known to work well. Whatever came of this?

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