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Tue Dec 17 19:25:06 EST 1996

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>HI all.  I want to buy a vacuum pump for a small private research lab.  I want
>to use it to degass acrylamide and other solutions, vacuum filter aqueous
>through .2 micron filter, etc. Looking through catalogs I have no idea what sort
>power I'd need for these tasks.  Let me know what you use.  P.S. --
cant use
>aspirator (no sink) and I've tried a hand pump sold by Cole Parmer,
didn't work.

You know, you could approach the problem the other way round, 
and buy a small tank of nitrogen or argon and bubble it through 
the mixture.  That's the way it's done in lots of places where 
vacuum pumps are hard to come by.  Keep in mind that all you 
are trying to do is displace the oxygen (quenches free radical
formation).  Best way to bubble it is with some tygon tubing and
a bottle filter (folks with HPLCs usually have a couple extra).

Personally, if I can avoid the noise of a vacuum pump, I would.


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