Protein sticking to glass..

Rajesh Krishnamurthy krishnam at
Wed Dec 18 14:55:53 EST 1996

Hi all,
I have a rather elementary question for which I have not been able to
locate the answer. I would appreciate it very much if you could take time
to answer it.
The issue is one of protein sticking to glass and
pipette tips. 
(a) How serious is this problem? i.e. Is the percentage of protein
sticking to glass quite high?
(b) How can one avoid this problem?
(c) I have heard of the method of silanization (sp.?) which is supposed to
useful in preventing protein adherence, but have not been able to locate a
supplier of silanized glass. Could you please name atleast one supplier??

P.S. Would there be any general references that talk about this problem?

Rajesh Krishnamurthy
E-mail: krishnam at	

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