How to dissolve NBT and BCIP ---> not in DMFA !

Dr. Clemens un691cs at
Wed Dec 18 09:12:39 EST 1996

In article <199612162014.NAA12435 at NMSU.Edu>, hroychow at NMSU.EDU says...

>>I try to dissolve NBT and BCIP in  dimethylformamide to detect alkaline
>>phosphatase activity. They just don't want to go into the solution. How do
>>you do? Need quick responses. Thanks a lot.

>The usual conc. for those two is 50mg/mL. NBT should dissolve in 70% DMFA and BCIP in 100% DMFA 
at that conc. You may filter both through membrane filters
>Dr. Hiranya Sankar Roychowdhury

Naaaaah ! DMFA is a very toxic substance, one of the worst in 
any MolBio lab ! Don't use it (he pleaded, but nobody was
uhum,... seriously, DMSO is much less dangerous,
and will do nicely too. I don't think ANY bug would
survive DMFA or DMSO, so no need to sterilize.


(in contrast to all my other tips and hints, this
one actually works.... I hope)

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