Laboratorio Bioclon eagle at pccp.com.ar
Wed Dec 18 18:26:13 EST 1996

Yes!!, my machine looking how it. I see that your problem was so big how =
mine. It's very encouraging meet somebody that to know how work it.
I wait your help.
Thanks for your e-mail.
Bye Elizabeth

De:     	Christopher T. Cole[SMTP:colect at CAA.MRS.UMN.EDU]
Enviado: 	Martes 26 de Noviembre de 1996 11:28
Para:   	eagle at pccp.com.ar
Asunto:     	Re: BioOven cycler

Dear Ms. Ojeda:

I am not familiar with this machine, but it might be similar to one 
distributed by Integrated Separation Systems, called the Programmable 
Oven or ProOven--??  We have one, looking somenthing like a small toaster 
oven with a control box on the right.  The oven opens, you can put samples 
inside, with a temperature probe going into one of the tubes.  If this 
sounds like your machine, let me know and I'll send more details of what we 
did to make ours work.  My students refer to it as the Programmable 
Nightmare.  Took us all sorts of time and money to figure out how to make 
it work properly.
-Chris Cole

On 22 Nov 1996 12:13:36 -0800, 
Elizabeth E Ojeda  <eagle at pccp.com.ar> wrote:

>        We have got a BioOven III cycler from the Biotherm corporation.
>We are trying to make it work but it seems that something is wrong with =
>We have already tried different kinds of tubes, including the one =
>recommended by the manufacturer:Robbin Scientific thin walled tubes,but =
>none of them did work.
>        We would be very grateful to receive information about your experience =
>with this machine.
>        Thanks for your help.
>                                Elizabeth Ojeda
>                        eagle at pccp.com.ar 

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