Transfer of large proteins (>500 kD) to nitrocellulose. How?

Gunther Rezniczek gr at
Thu Dec 19 12:37:07 EST 1996

Dear collegues:

For some time now I have - unsuccessfully - tried to 
transfer large proteins (MW range 500-700 kDa) from SDS-PAGE 
gels (4.5%) onto nitrocellulose membranes.
I have tried semi-dry and wet blotting procedures with 
varying buffer and current conditions.

Has anybody succeed in transfer of such large proteins?
Any ideas, suggestions or complete protocols?

Many thanks in advance,

Gunther Rezniczek
Diploma Student
Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology
University of Vienna

PS:  I would appreciate if persons replying to this 
questions would also send a copy to me at 
gr at

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