Microwave sterilization

Richard P Grant rgrant at worf.molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Thu Dec 19 04:37:17 EST 1996

<aol>Me too!</aol>

Yup, I've done that, in a hurry.

Paul N Hengen (pnh at ncifcrf.gov) wrote:

} Anyway, the original idea about microwaving a flask or beaker made me think
} about what that person was using it for. If it is to grow a bacterial culture
} in sterile broth for plasmid DNA (vector) isolation, I can admit that in the
} past I have not sterilized media for this at all. I was appalled once when my
} mentor added dry media components to a non-sterile flask, added water, then
} immediately innoculated it with log-phase bacteria. Being trained as an
} undergrad to sterile everything, I was shocked! Since then, in a pinch I'll
} admit I've done the same thing. Anyone else do this?  Because the culture is
} growing so rapidly, the bloom occurs within minutes and tops off within 2-3
} hours. I then collect the bacteria and do my plasmid prep.

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