Questions on the RNA extraction

Alexandre Noël anoel at
Thu Dec 19 04:40:33 EST 1996

Hi Regina,

I had this kind of problem. I decided to stop drying the pellet after
the washing step. I simply remove as much ethanol as possible (incl.
on the walls of the tube) using a pipette tip linked to a vacuum, and
resuspend in the DEPC water right after. And it works VERY well.
To assertain a good dissolution, I generally include a 10-15 min
heating at 65°C. Try it, you'll love it!
I have also discovered that a -70°C freezing followed by the heating
step can help to dissolve "nasty" pellets.




>Hi all,
>     I did a total RNA extraction on plant tissue by using the Guanidinium 
>Method as usual.  However, when I finished all the preciptation and washing
>step, I cann't dissolve all my suspected RNA pellet in the 400ul DEPC
>treated water even under 65oC for half an hour. I am sure that 170mg leaves
>should not cause such yield of RNA.  What's wrong in my RNA pellet?  And I
>don't whether too dry of the pellet will cause the loss of the yield?

>     Thanks you for any suggested answer.


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