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>So, nobody can really confirm that wooden toothpicks are a problem for
>screening colonies by PCR????

We've used the Kaybee ones for a lot of colony PCR's (must be in excess
of a thousand) and have never had problems. We autoclave them in 30ml
glass universals then use them. 

One minor problem. I did some colony PCRs in Hong Kong a few months ago.
The lab had dried their toothpicks at high temperature overnight after
autoclaving. I picked up a new batch, now cool, and gridded a plate. I
left the toothpicks sitting in 20ul water, which I normally don't do,
prior to a normal quick mix and heating at 100C for 5mins. They acted
like blotting paper and soaked up the 20ul in a couple of minutes flat.
So don't dry them too much then leave them sitting in water! All was not
lost as addition of a further 20ul, a quick mix etc and the PCR's worked


The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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