Protein sticking to glass..

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Thu Dec 19 04:18:51 EST 1996

>(a) How serious is this problem? i.e. Is the percentage of protein
>sticking to glass quite high?
That depends on the protein

>(b) How can one avoid this problem?
Add some detergent to your soln: Triton-X-100, Nonidet-P40 or so, less than
1% should be enough

>(c) I have heard of the method of silanization (sp.?) which is supposed to
>useful in preventing protein adherence, but have not been able to locate a
>supplier of silanized glass. Could you please name atleast one supplier??

There are solutions of dichlorodimethylsilane available. Fluka (no affil.)
sells a very convenient one in pentane or heptane (that avoids the toxic
trichloroethene that is commonly used for that).

Fluka's address is Ronkomkoma, New York 11779, Phone (516) 467-0439

Merry X-mess.


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