Micronuclei Staining

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Hi, Jaren

Jared Head wrote:

>      line. Has anyone any explanations? Also can anyone suggest how I can
>      view these samples - is there any other stain I can use (particularly
>      one that differentiates btween cytoplasm and nuclei). I have tried
>      Giemsa and it is no use as I can't distinguish groups of mononucleate
>      cells from those that are binucleate.
> There are a lot of staining Methods. Try Feulgen, it's DNA-specific and 
won't stain anything else. If you want to see the plasma too, 
counterstain with fastgreen at neutral pH after Feulgen treatment.
You may also differenciate between DNA and RNA with Methylgreen-Pyronine, 
but you would need to adapt the protocol for your purposes.

If this isn't hint enough, send me an e-mail at 
Ralf.Breuker at rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de and I'll post you some sides from my 

Best wishes,
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Ralf Breuker
Department of Cell Morphology
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