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Thu Dec 19 08:23:01 EST 1996

Dear Netters,

I am very keen on sharing views of people who have used oligo
dT-magnetic beads from Dynal corp, for making solid phase cDNA
library. I am specifically intrested in its use in PCR, storage and
its recycling.  I came across a paper in Anal Biochem,where the use
of dynal beads was done. But good tips and practical experience
would be great help. 

I am buying the Polytract kit whcih uses the
streptavidin magnetic beads, but just a casual enquiry to the
Promega, i came with a startling conclusion, the beads are not
stable at/above  65 C.  So the making of solid phase cDNA library
is ruled out.

Could anyone tell me how to contact the Dynal corp, there email
just does not seem to elicit any response from those guys.



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